When To Wear


When to wear

How do you waist train when you're busy all day? Simple: you can wear a waist trainer just about anywhere, with almost any outfit! Since there are many different styles to choose from, you can select your cincher based on the clothing you want to pair them with.


Styling Suggestions

For everyday wear, choose a color that you can conceal under your clothing. You may also want to choose a seamless option under clothing that is very thin or tight. Did you know waist trainers pair well with several other types of shapers? We love the full effect of using a cincher along with shaping leggings or butt-enhancing shapers. Waist training is an excellent choice for the professional woman for several reasons. It improves your posture, which can be hugely beneficial if you sit or stand for long ours. It can also boost your confidence and ensure that you look your best in every single outfit. It helps lay a great foundation for blouses, slacks and skirts.


Sleeping in your Waist Trainer

This isn’t a common practice but waist training can be done! If you choose this option we recommend a no-closure cincher for comfort at night. Be sure to rotate waist trainers through your wardrobe so that they can rest and be washed.